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Our Selection of One/Limited Ingredient All Natural Treats

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Simply Treats

We carry Simply Treats products because they are an all natural choice when it comes to treating your pet!

Simply Treats is made by a local producer in small batches and dehydrated at low temperatures or freeze dried to keep in all the natural nutrition.  

HERO Dog Treats

HERO dog Treats are 100% natural dog treats with no added preservatives, made from Canadian human-grade animals from government-inspected facilities. “We like to say, what you see is what you get, a chicken foot is a chicken’s foot, and a duck foot, a duck’s foot. We have a wide range of products from bully sticks to duck wings to chicken necks.” Did you know they employ military veterans and support Canadian Service Dogs? We are proud to support this Canadian company.

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Slobbers Dog Treats

Slobbers grain-free, certified organic, human-grade dog treats made in Ontario with locally sourced ingredients when available. Free from harmful allergens, chemicals, and pesticides. So good you could eat them but don’t unless you want to… We would never judge!

Frozen Goat

Frozen Goat, a great summer time treat!

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