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Our Selection

Wilderness Raw has taken our time to select these brands listed below.  We have visited the manufacturing facilities and have seen for ourselves the quality that go into these products first hand.

We always test out our products for at least six months to ensure that our pups enjoy them before we even consider selling them to our customers

Wilderness Selections

Wilderness Raw takes pride in the choice of products that we carry. This food proves just that. From our hand selected cuts, to our premium added ingredients. Give Wilderness Selections a try and see the difference.

Wilderness Selections are proudly produced in Ontario


Raw Performance

Raw Performance is manufactured in Niagara Falls, Ontario. They are a family owned and operated business who have grown quickly over the years due to their quality product. Raw performance considers your Pet to be like their own family and these values are why Wilderness Raw supports their product. 

K9 Quality Raw

K9 Quality Raw is a Quality Manufacturer of raw dog food. They are a small artisan company that takes pride in the selection of their meats and the quality ingredients. They are manufactured and produced locally in Ontario.

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