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Raw Food Selections

Raw Performance

Raw Performance: After an exhaustive search to find a quality local Canadian product on our end back in 2018/2019. We found Raw Performance out of St. Catharines, Ontario a family-run company just like us. We have toured their processing facility (in Niagara), taken trips down to their main location, and admired them as they too have grown, all the while keeping QUALITY at the forefront. Raw Performance chooses to source all its products from local Ontarian farms except for the salmon which is wild caught in British Columbia.

Big Country Raw logo

Big Country Raw

Big Country Raw joined Wilderness Raw when we launched our first flagship brick-and-mortar store in 2023. After hearing from some customers and potential customers that they would enjoy some alternative products. Did you know Big Country Raw is also a Canadian company and federally inspected? They source their proteins/ingredients from Canadian Farmers and processors. Even the fruits and vegetables are certified organic.

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