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Our Promise To You

At Wilderness Raw we make it out mission to provide your pets with the freshest of ingredients. We offer a selection of quality Meats, Supplements, and Premium Side Dishes.


Our products are all hormone, antibiotic free and contain no mechanically separated meats. They are sourced directly from the farms in Ontario and Produced by Local Manufactures who have your pets in mind. 


At Wilderness Raw we believe that if the quality is not good enough for us, it is not good enough for your pets.  


In the late summer 2009 we welcomed our Boston Terrier into our home, at that time he was approximately 10 months old. My wife always wanted a dog, I found Bostin in a barn kept with pigs in not so great shape. That day I brought him home, he had several baths and still stunk like a barn! Over the years he has had his struggles, mast cell tumours (which were removed), he grows calcium oxalate stones, (in his bladder and urethra, which we have had removed as well). The vet suggested a special food (so he doesn't build anymore stones) which he was on for awhile until January 2019. Over the years we had noticed his lack of energy, he always looked bloated and wasn't playing anymore. We honestly thought that his time was coming, he didn't have great nutritional support as a puppy before I rescued him. When we switched him to raw it took a few weeks however, it was like he was a puppy again! His coat is so shiny, his teeth are white, and most important he lost weight which had been packing on from all the kibble and he wants to play. 

We welcomed a new puppy in our house during that time, who was started on raw right from the beginning. He is an American Bulldog. The best added benefits to feeding raw is the size of the poop. No XXL stinky poops here! We love our dogs they truly are our family, all we want is to do right by them and offer the best, healthiest lifestyle possible.


We started Wilderness Raw to help people find a healthy alternative to feeding their pets however, it's become so much more than that. Along the way we have met so many great people and their pets some young and some old, some very healthy and some sick. In the end regardless of the condition of the pet the same answer kept coming up. When we asked customers, why they wanted to switch to raw they said "I want the best for my pet." We did our research and found some really great product solutions. That we are sure are going to help your pet in the long run to stay happy and healthy. 

Our family wants your family to be as happy as possible. Thats why at Wilderness Raw we strive to keep our customer service skills strong. We invite you to bring your pet and let us do a one on one assessment to make sure the diet we choose together, will be the correct one for your pet.


Mike, Stephanie, Alessandra and Maurizio

two dogs American bull dog and Boston terrier

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Measures to support accessibility

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We try to respond to feedback within 2 Business Days.


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