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How To Combat Cat Hairballs

Updated: Jun 20

two cats in the garden
Two Cats

Cat hairballs, though a common occurrence, can be managed with a few simple strategies.

·         Regular grooming is paramount in preventing the formation of hairballs. Brushing your cat's fur several times a week helps to remove loose hair, reducing the amount ingested during grooming sessions. This not only minimizes hairball formation but also promotes a healthy coat and skin.

·          Encouraging hydration is another natural way to prevent hairballs. Adequate water intake aids in digestion and the passage of hair through their system. Encourage your cat to drink water by providing fresh water sources throughout the house and considering a water fountain, as some cats prefer running water.

·         Providing your cat with a high-fiber diet can also aid in preventing hairballs. Foods rich in fiber help to promote regular bowel movements, allowing hair to pass through the digestive tract more easily. Additionally, incorporating supplements such as fish oil into your cat's diet can help lubricate their digestive system, making it easier for hairballs to pass.

·         Finally, providing your cat with opportunities for regular exercise can aid in preventing hairballs. Playtime and interactive toys not only keep your cat mentally stimulated but also encourage movement, which helps to keep their digestive system healthy and reduces the likelihood of hairball formation.

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