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These tiny fish have a great taste with just a little bit of crunch. Wild caught in Canada, this treat is ideal for pets with food sensitivities. A rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, whole sardines provides a nutritious treat or meal topper for your dog or cat! Individually Quick Frozen in 1 lb. portions makes this an easy way to add 1, 2 or 3 to every meal! You can also offer as a nutritious treat, or dehydrate for an on-the go treat your dog or cat will love!

  • Frozen Canadian Sardines
  • Freshly frozen – these small fish have no strong smell!
  • Neutral/Cool Protein

Big Country Raw - Sardines – 1 Lb

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SKU: 627818003322
  • INGREDIENTS Sardines: Sardines

    INGRÉDIENTS: Sardines

  • Fatty Acid Profile

    LA: 0.14%

    ALA: 0.1%

    EPA: 0.56%

    DHA: 1.0%

    One sardines = 1 tsp of fish oil

    Sardines Main Nutrient

    Analysis shown per 100g as fed

    • Calories (min) 87 kcal
    • Protein/Protéine (min) 16%
    • Fat/Lipides (min) 2%
    • Carbs/Glucides (max) 1%
    • Fiber/Fibre (max) 0%
    • Moisture/Humidité (max) 78%
    • Calcium (min) 0.6%
    • Phosphorus/Phosphore (min) 0.5%

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